Welcome to the "Parent Resources" page of STEM Academy of Hollywood!  At STEM, we understand the crucial role parents play in their child's education. Here you will find a wide range of valuable resources and information tailored to support your student's success and foster strong family-school partnerships.

    Tutoring: We believe in providing the best academic support to our students, and our tutoring resources are no exception. Within the "Parent Resources" channel, you will find a dedicated section featuring information on tutoring programs available at STEM. Discover various tutoring options, including subject-specific assistance, study groups, and additional learning resources to help your child excel in their studies. student

    Parent Portal and Schoology: We value open and transparent communication with parents, which is why we are sharing LAUSD's Parent Portal and Schoology platform. By accessing these tools, you can easily keep track of your student's academic progress, assignments, grades, and attendance. Stay up to date with school announcements and events, and communicate directly with teachers and administrators for any questions or concerns.

    Community Workshops and Resources: We believe in building a strong sense of community within our school. The "Parent Resources" channel offers upcoming community workshops, seminars, and events that aim to equip parents with valuable knowledge and skills. Stay informed about workshops on topics like college readiness, parenting techniques, mental health awareness, and more. Additionally, access a curated collection of external resources to further support your child's educational and personal growth.

    Policies and Handbooks: Transparency is essential in fostering trust between parents and our school community. In this section, you will find comprehensive policies and handbooks that outline our school's guidelines, code of conduct, academic policies, and procedures. We encourage you to review and familiarize yourself with these documents to ensure a shared understanding of expectations and facilitate a smooth academic journey for your child.

    Communication and Feedback: We value open lines of communication with parents and appreciate your input. The "Parent Resources" channel provides an avenue for you to share your comments, questions, and suggestions directly with our school administration. We encourage you to utilize this feature to express any concerns or seek clarification on school-related matters. We are committed to working collaboratively with you to create an optimal learning environment for your child.

    Navigating the "Parent Resources" channel is simple and intuitive. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy access to the information and tools you need to actively participate in your child's education. Whether you're looking for academic support, community engagement opportunities, or seeking to communicate with the school, the "Parent Resources" channel is here to empower you every step of the way.

    Thank you for entrusting STEM Academy of Hollywood with your child's education. We are dedicated to providing the best resources and support to both our students and their families. Together, we can inspire academic excellence, foster personal growth, and cultivate a thriving community within our school.