Students practicing their writing.


  • Students take English all four years at STEM.

    For English 9-11, we use SpringBoard, a pre-AP curriculum. Each grade level reads a variety of fiction and expository texts. Every unit in SpringBoard has two embedded writing assessments. Teachers generally complete two units per semester. 

    Students in 12th grade take an expository reading and writing class. The curriculum is to help prepare the student for college-level writing.

    Students in grades 9 and 10 can request an honors option. They receive honors credit for successfully completing additional assignments. 

    STEM also offers both AP Language and Literature. AP Language has a nonfiction-based curriculum; AP Literature has a literature-based curriculum. Students who pass AP exam(s) may receive college credit. 

    Students who have been in school more than five years and who have not reclassified to English Proficient are enrolled in LTEL classes. The classes help students improve their reading, writing and speaking skills.

    Students who are new to the country are enrolled in ELD classes. STEM offers ELD 1-4, using High Point curriculum.

    When a student reclassifies, he/she no longer needs to take an ELD or LTEL class.