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STEM Academy's 3rd Annual Pumpkin' Chunkin'

STEM Acadeym's Annual Pumpkin Chunkin'

Students getting ready to launch

STEM's Pumpkin' Chunkin' is a competition among the different pathways to see who can build the best catapult at STEM Academy of Hollywood. The students of our Susannah Hall and Amarryn Huelsmann, our physics teachers, have 3 weeks to design the catapult that will launch a "pumkin" the farthest. Once they have completed the catapult, the classes set up their catapults in our quad downstairs and launch the pumkins! With our handy dandy Rodeo Clowns, they chase down how far down the pumpkins are launched from their catapults.

Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Huelsmann

Not only are there pumpkins being chunked, there are also various fun activities! Thanks to our Girls Build LA group, they hosted little events and raffled off prizes. They also hosted the potluck, where students and parents bring food, and everyone enjoys the show with full stomachs.

Pumkin launch in 3, 2, 1...

The winners of this year's Pumkin Chunkin' are:

  1. Gucci Gang, Engineering
  2. Trashy STEM Bikers, Engineering
  3. Moist Nugget, Engineering

A rodeo clown, ready for the pumpkin to get chunked

Genaro Alvarado