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STEM Student in LA Marathon

Our very own Crystal Mendoza (10th grader), ran the LA Marathon on March 20, 2022! She has been part of the SRLA YOKA Team for 3 years now, since her 8th Grade year. She was able to keep running with Young Oak Kim Academy after she culminated, along with three other YOKA alumni, for the past two years. 

She trained for 7 months making practice Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. She completed a race each month (5k, 10K, 15K, two half marathons, 30K) all for the objective of the LA Marathon. She was up at 3 am on Sunday to meet her teammates in front of YOKA at 4:15 am. She has shown great dedication and resiliency throughout her training! 

Congratulations Crystal!


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